optimized, specialized
pharmacy care.

ScriptWeb is a HIPAA compliant, web-based software that allows prescribers, nurses and case managers to login and view a client's medication regimen, refill date and delivery or pick-up status—improving overall compliance and outcomes.

We’re built for the world of today, and we’re ready for the opportunities of tomorrow.

ScriptWeb utilizes advanced technology. Our web-based platform allows staff to access, search, print patient and medication information, and monitor prescription deliveries—efficiently.

ScriptWeb keeps the information you need organized, and easily accessible.

Paperless Process

Share data and manage your records more efficiently.

Online Medication Management

Access, search, and print historical and current medication information.

Delivery Confirmation

Review real-time status of medication deliveries and who signed for the deliveries.

Refill Reminders

Alert staff when medications are eligible for refill before the medication runs out.

A fundamentally new approach to specialized pharmacy.

The Old Pharmacy Method

  • Time Consuming

    Prescribers, nurses and case managers may waste a lot of precious time on the phone trying to figure out if the medication has been delivered and who signed for it.

  • Manual Process

    You have to remember what current medications the client is taking, if any new medications have been added, or if any medications have been discontinued.

  • Substandard Care

    Do you ever have questions for the pharmacy regarding a client's medication regimen that are not completely or accurately answered?

Optimized Pharmacy with ScriptWeb

  • Eliminate the Guesswork

    You have direct, web-based access to medication regimen and delivery confirmation, so the client's profile are a click away.

  • Organized Medication Management

    The client's medication history are available in his or her online medication profile and may be automatically renewed when he or she is getting low.

  • Customizable Medication Reports

    Print out detailed refill, too soon to refill, no refill and filled medication reports organized by desired time range providing real-time data and analytics.

We believe in direct contact, and full transparency.

When you’re working with patients, prescribers, nurses and case managers in the pharmacy world, everyone involved needs to know exactly what’s going on. Not only that, they need simple, dedicated, and direct access to the people, information, and services that help keep them alive and well. We’re who and what you need, when you need it—period.

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